Mobile Shredding Services in Knutsford: Easy, Affordable and Convenient Services

Mobile Shredding Services in KnutsfordFor the best mobile shredding services in Knutsford, look to Ministry of Shred. Today individual clients and organisations need to protect themselves from ID theft and fraud. Information needs to be secure. Documents containing private information accumulate, taking up valuable space in offices and homes. People can save important information in other, more efficient ways such as digitally. Careless handling and disposal of sensitive information can be dangerous. A foolproof and secure way of doing this is by shredding.

For businesses in Knutsford, mobile shredding services have become the order of the day both from a convenience and security point of view. Our bespoke solutions have earned us the reputation of being the go-to people for your entire document shredding needs. The Data Protection Act, 1998 as well as the British Security Industry Association have set rules for documents containing both personal and business information to be collected and disposed of in accordance with specific standards, the EN15713 being one of them. The advantage of a professional shredding company like ours is that we offer end-to-end solutions. We ensure that you can hand over this very important task to us without a worry in the world. Simple, efficient processes make the job easy, efficient and convenient for you.

Mobile shredding services in Knutsford inspire confidence and trust in knowing that our processes are compliant with safety standards. We manage everything from start to finish. Collection control, secure transport and shredding processes are all undertaken under strict security. Contact Ministry of Shred to learn more about our mobile shredding services. Shred sacks can be ordered online, in sizes to suit your requirement. On arrival, these sacks are filled with the material to be shredded and then sealed with a security tag which is tamper proof. These recyclable, paper sacks are available in different options to choose from depending on the amount of material to be shredded. Options include The Single Shred Sack, the Triple Sack and the Five Pack Sack, designed to meet both small and high volumes of material that needs to be moved, stored or destroyed.

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