Made from fully recyclable paper, the shredding sack allows full documents to be kept inside the sack and then the entire contents can be shredded to ensure complete protection. The sacks offer convenience and time saving benefits as whole bag can be shredded rather than each individual document.
This style of paper sack is manufactured to have a secure cable tie around the top of the cask to retain your paper and ensure that it cannot be opened again. The strong stepped and pinched closed bottom provides a neat flat paper sack that blocks well when filled and is constructed from 1 to 3 plies of 70 to 110 gsm paper.
The sack is designed for loose paper and it is strongly recommended that you remove any hard or sharp edges that could risk damaging the sack. Should you wish to have any cardboard, plastics or other security materials recycled then these should be put in separate sacks that we are more than happy to supply as they are specifically designed for these materials.
Fill the sack with your confidential paper, the fill line is indicated on the outside of the sack with a dotted black line with the words “Fill Line” shown. Do not exceed this fill line as it will affect the way the bag seals and this could increase your security risk.
The sack is designed to hold up to 20Kg’s of paper it is a good idea to weigh the sack on a set of scales if you are unsure of the weight, you may need another bag. Once the sack is full simply gather the sack opening together and twist the sack to create a wedge of paper that the security cable tie can go round.
Be sure that you do not put damp or wet items in the sack as this will weaken the structure and could cause the sack to split open.