Secure Document Shredding in Prestbury – Keeping your Confidential Information Safe

Secure Document Shredding in Prestbury Secure document shredding in Prestbury is efficient and secure than it has ever been. This is thanks to the specialised shredding services offered by the team at Ministry of Shred. Did you know that over 100,000 people were victims of ID fraud in the UK last year and that this costs the UK £3Billion every year? Don’t let yourself be the next statistic! We are pleased to offer professional shredding services that will meet your needs. You can rest assured that your documents are correctly and efficiently shredded, done to British Security Industrial Association standards. The materials shredded are then recycled. Our high capacity shredding machines will do in just seconds what your office shredder would usually take 8 hours to do. Furthermore, we have tight security measures that do not compromise the security of your documents.

If you have a home office in Prestbury, secure document shredding services are a necessity. It is easy to do, all you need is to purchase a shred sack online. This is then delivered to you with a security tag. Fill the bag, seal it, and await collection from our member of staff. He will then take it to our secure shredding facility where your old documents, bag and all, are completely shredded.  We offer three types of shredding sacks, according to the size of the documents being disposed of; the shred sack, ideal for documents weighing a maximum of 20 kgs, the triple sack, when you have high volumes of documents and the five pack sack, which is great for clearing old files that are no longer needed or moving office spaces.

You will gain peace of mind when you use our secure shredding in Prestbury services. All our employees have proof of identification to further ensure that the security of your old documents. Contact Ministry of Shred today for excellent quality document shredding services and we will never let you down. On completion of the secure shredding process, we will send you a certificate of destruction as evidence that you have lawfully shredded your documents. Avoid ID fraud. Don’t let it be you.

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