Secure Document Shredding in Handforth

Secure Document Shredding in HandforthSecure document shredding in Handforth is the solution for home office disposal of sensitive documents. Often, when an elderly loved one passes, there is years of personal and professional paperwork accumulated in files and drawers. You may not find all in the home office. Some personal papers may be found in closets and drawers throughout the home. Someone has to go through all that paperwork, file by file and make a determination on the fate of all. It’s a big job and it’s important that whomever has that responsibility recognises their duty to protect personal information of both the deceased and business clients. We can help you by providing a secure document disposal solution. It works especially well for those who may need to tackle the project slowly as time allows.

Ministry of Shred is our secure shredding service for business people who work from home. For home based businesses in Handforth, secure document shredding for the protection of customers sensitive information is as binding as any other business. It’s common to hold on to files long after we no longer need them but we can’t throw them away either. We’ve made it easy for you. Go to our website and place your online order for one of our 20kg recyclable Shred Sacks for £7 which includes P&P and VAT. Or order 3 for £14 or 5 for £21. We send them out to your home office address. Each bag comes with an identifying tag. Fill the sacks with the paperwork you want securely shredded, seal it with the tag and call us for a pick up.

We retrieve the bag for secure document shredding in Handforth and lock it in our secure transport vehicle. When we arrive at our shredding facility, the truck is backed to the shredder and the bag dumped in without ever opening it. You will receive a certificate of destruction which insures and proves that old documents were shredded according to BSIA standards while under our control.  For your own purposes, record customer names under the tag number and keep for your records. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you. About 100,000 people are victims of identity theft every year in the UK. Make sure you are not responsible for any of those thefts by using our services.

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