Confidential Shredding in Altrincham

Confidential Shredding in AltrinchamWe offer the service of confidential shredding in Altrincham as the only way you can dispose of sensitive material and have proof that the documents have been correctly destroyed. There are billions of pounds lost in the UK alone every year through identity theft and fraud.  You have a legal obligation to your clients to protect their information and you can be held financially liable for losses incurred. The easiest way that the criminals get hold of useful documents is when offices are getting rid of old papers.  One cannot keep all paperwork generated in an office indefinitely. It is the way of disposing of them that is important. By placing all documents in a sealed bag you stop anyone from removing or copying confidential data.

When you need to have a safe way of disposing of old documents in Altrincham, confidential shredding gives you the only sure way of destroying important information.  Once the documents are sealed in the bag our uniformed driver will collect it. The drivers all have a security clearance to ensure that they are honest and trustworthy. The collection vehicle has a tracker in it so that the yard can check on collections and keep an eye on the vehicle.  Once the bag is secure in the vehicle it is transported to the secure yard. At the yard the bags are unloaded and placed on a conveyor which takes them into the shredding machine. Because the bags are made from paper they are not opened and the documents are never removed from the bag.

Our confidential shredding in Altrincham protects both you and your clients. Contact Ministry of Shred today and arrange for your secure bags. The bags are very affordable and can take up to 20 kg of paper and light card. Once you have purchased the bag you can place all documents and invoices that you no longer need in it. This will safeguard your personal particulars from getting into the hands of unscrupulous people.  There were over 100,000 people affected by ID fraud last year and the number is growing. Be careful and treat your records as you would your money.

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