Mobile Shredding Services in Knutsford

Mobile Shredding Services in KnutsfordHave you considered why mobile shredding services in Knutsford are an excellent way to get rid of your confidential documents and papers? Imagine you are about to change residences and are cleaning out your home. Naturally, you will throw away anything such as and everything photocopies of your identity, old bills and credit card statements. It is likely that you will throw it away in the rubbish bin.  However, you don’t give a thought to those who are likely to rummage through your rubbish. If they happen to find your old bills, credit statements and photocopies of your identification, they’ll feel as if they’ve hit the jackpot! Unfortunately, you will never know what has happened until someone uses your credit or identity information to commit fraud. By the time you get to know about it, these unscrupulous characters have disappeared. What is the best way to get rid of confidential documents?

For home businesses in Knutsford, mobile shredding service is one of the best ways to destroy your old sensitive documents. It is as easy as visiting our website. Simply order the number of secure sacks you think you will need. After placing your order, your security sacks and tags will be shipped to you. When you receive them, fill it up to the level line and seal it with the security tag that is provided. Then give us a call to discuss your requirements and schedule a pick up. When our driver arrives at your home, he will show you id proof and collect your sacks. After confirming your security tag code, your sacks will be taken to our secure facility for shredding.

If you’re looking for secure mobile shredding services in Knutsford, using our services will give you peace of mind. For more information about our secure and affordable mobile shredding services, contact Ministry of Shred. Once your documents have been shredded, you will be issued a certificate confirming secure destruction of your documents.  ID fraud costs our economy £3 billion every years. Don’t become a victim and make use of our mobile shredding services.

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