Secure Document Shredding In Bolton

Secure Document Shredding In BoltonSecure document shredding in Bolton is an important service for the safe destruction of any of your personal documents that are no longer in use and need to be disposed of. One of the major concerns in the world today is identity theft. Criminals have taken to harvesting personal information by whatever means necessary in order to gain access to your good name and established character record. This information is then used for all sorts of illegal activities. This can have the overall effect of making your life a living hell as you may find that such things as your financial standing are completely, and sometimes irrevocably, destroyed. That is why the careful and proper disposal of all paperwork containing any of your personal information has become imperative.

For small businesses in Bolton, document shredding by an established company is vital. Why not give us a ring? We are specialists in the safe and secure destruction of personal documents that contain pertinent information. The process is easy – all you need to do is purchase a shred sack online, which is then delivered to your door, complete with a security tag. Once the sack is full and you have sealed it with the security tag, we will collect it at your convenience. We only employ highly vetted, trustworthy employees. When they arrive for the collection of the sack, they will present their credentials before collecting your sack. It is then taken to our shredding facility where your sack is transferred to a processing plant and shredded. We’ll then send an email to you confirming that your documents have been destroyed. All this is done with your security in mind.

Make sure to protect yourself and your clients with secure document shredding on Bolton. Contact Ministry of Shred to discuss your shredding needs. We will be happy to assist you. Our services are provided with the highest security standards in place. Your documents will be shredded to the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713. This means you can be confident in the knowledge that your documents are correctly destroyed. It could mean the difference between peace of mind and utter chaos in your life.

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