Paper Shredding Company in Hale Barns

Paper Shredding Company in Hale BarnsLook for a paper shredding company in Hale Barns that can ensure unwanted and private documents are safely disposed of. You definitely want a much safer method of disposing your documents than just putting them in a household bin. A better and much more efficient method helps to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Ministry of Shred ensures that all your documents are correctly destroyed and recycled without anyone viewing their contents. If you are concerned about the safety of your old documents, speak to us about our paper shredding service.

When in Hale Barns, paper shredding company will ensure that all your waste paper and unwanted documents are securely shredded, and then recycled. Determine the amount of paper you are likely to recycle and select the most appropriate sized shred sack. Once you receive the shred sack from us, use it to contain all your unwanted waste paper. When your shred sack is full, simply seal it and have it collected by our uniformed and easy to identify staff. They will transport the shred sack to our shredding facility. The sealed shred sack is deposited into our shredding machine and completely shredded. This is done in accordance with the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713.

A paper shredding company in Hale Barns will help keep the private information of your business secure. Contact Ministry of Shred today for more information about the services they offer. Our paper shredding company follows strict rules and regulations for the correct shredding and recycling of waste paper. We will also email a certificate of destruction to you once the shredding process is complete. This is to confirm that your documents have been destroyed. Ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your business’ clients and employees and use the services of a professional paper shredding company.

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