Home Office Security in Prestwich

Home Office Security in PrestwichWhen you work from home, home office security in Prestwich is solely up to you. You may have insurance to cover any losses but identity theft of customer information is not something that can be undone. You may have a shredder for daily business mail and if you don’t handle a lot of paper mail, then that’s sufficient. If your business operates with a high volume of customer-related mail then a personal shredder is not practical. If you purge old files every year you must protect the personal information even though the files may be 5 years old. A full year of filed records could be a large undertaking. You could load the boot of your car with file boxes and take them to a mobile shredder on the appointed day they are in your neighbourhood. Are you comfortable with that?

Ministry of Shred has the solution for your home office or any small to medium-sized business. It is easy, cost effective and secure. The solution in Prestwich is home office security using our Shred Sacks. You go to our website and order the number of 20kg shred sacks you need. You can buy one, a 3- pack or a 5 -pack of our recyclable bags. Each bag will arrive with a unique tag. You fill the bag, seal it up with the tag and call us for a pick up. While transporting your Shred Sack from your door to our massive shredder, the truck is tracked. Once it arrives at our shred site, the truck backs up to the shredder, the tag number noted and your Shred Sack is dispensed into the shredder, bag and all. The bag is never opened.

Shred Sacks from Ministry of Shred is perfect for home office security in Prestwich. Your customers personal information is securely collected and shredded according to British Security Standards. After your bag is shredded, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. Call us for more about Shred Sacks. We will advise you of how many sacks you are likely to need based on your paper volume and go into more detail about our security measures. All the paper is recycled and used to manufacture new paper products, saving thousands of trees. That is much better than being one of the 100,000 who will be a victim of identity theft this year.

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