Confidential Shredding in Hyde

Confidential Shredding in HydeConfidential shredding in Hyde is a must have especially if you are operating your business and do not want your documents to get into the wrong hands. That does not mean that at individual level you do not need the service because what if someone gets to lay his hands on your ID, credit card details or any other personal information? You probably don’t want to imagine that. Ministry of Shred offers everyone an opportunity to dispose these vital documents in the safest way possible.

How do you go about it? In Hyde, confidential shredding is very easy and a few steps could get you there. The first step is to order for a security sack from Ministry of Shred and in turn they will send the sack along with a tag that holds a reference or ID number. The sac comes in different sizes, they include shred sack, triple sack and five pack. Each sack is made of good and strong recycled material that holds a weight of 20 kg. The next step is for you to fill the bag with all your important documents that need disposing and to seal it properly. For further specifications you can either discuss online or give them a call. Schedule a time for the collection of your sack to be removed to their secure shredding facility. How will you know it has been shredded? As evidence, a certificate of destruction will be emailed to you. It is that simple.

If you have decided to settle for confidential shredding in Hyde by Ministry of Shred, there are requirements that you should meet. You should provide your location, tag ID or the order reference number, personal contact information, as well as details on the number of sacks for collection. For any further information about confidential shredding, contact Ministry of Shred. After you have done all that, you can rest assured that your information is safely disposed. Where do all those papers go? Recycling is what the shredded papers face. In this time and age of global warming, what better way is there to handle paper wastes?

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