Home Office Security in Bury

Home Office Security in BuryWorried about home office security in Bury? Even if you work from home, there is a chance that you are generating plenty of paper and if they contain sensitive information such as names of clients, addresses, banking details, and ID numbers, you will have to dispose of them in a manner that is confidential and safe. In other words, you should find a company that will provide you with security bags that you can fill with these sensitive documents and tie them securely before the representatives collect them to bring to the industrial shredder.

ID fraud, or leaks of sensitive information can cause a lot of damage to individuals as well as companies. In Bury, home office security is not a cause for concern when you use our services. At Ministry of Shred, our main aim is making sure that our clients have peace of mind when they are dealing with us. We take precautions at every step that we make to ensure that no third-party gains access to the documents you pass on to us. The first thing we do is provide our customers with biodegradable sacks which they fill with their unwanted paper. They come in various sizes and numbers and you may choose the number that will suit your specific needs. Once you have filled them up, our representatives will arrive at your door to collect them. Please make sure to tie them securely. They will not be opened and will go through our shredder as they are. Our representatives will show you their ID cards, thus, putting you at ease knowing that they are rightfully from the company. Once they have collected the bags, they will go directly to the facility and dispose of the sacks.

Customers who are anxious about home office security in Bury can contact Ministry of Shred. When you hire us, you are also helping the environment as all the unwanted paper that is collected for shredding will be recycled and transformed into usable paper products. For more details, please give us a call and we can work out an affordable quote. We will also issue a certificate of destruction stating that the papers have successfully been destroyed.

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