Paper Shredder Service in Prestwich

Paper Shredder Service in PrestwichHiring a reputable paper shredder service in Prestwich, is essential to your business’ security. When you run a business, you know how important it is to keep certain things confidential. Keeping employee information and client information private is a key to building trust for your business. Certain details of your business may also need to be kept confidential. If competitors gain access to private information, they may be able to steal business away from you, or steal your competitive advantage.

For your business in Prestwich, a paper shredder service is provided by Ministry of Shred. We will provide you with bags to put your paper in that needs to be shredded. Once the bag is full, you can seal it and we will pick it up. We shred and recycle the whole bag, so we never have to open the bags.  For larger businesses, we provide a regular scheduled pickup date and take all your material to the shredder as soon as we get it.  When our drivers arrive at your location, they will show an ID. They will load your shareable into the truck and bring it right to our shredding facility. Once the truck is back at our location, it will back up directly to the processing centre and unloaded, then immediately shredded. Once your documents are shredded, we will send you a Certificate of Destruction, letting you know they have been destroyed.

When you want a reliable paper shredder service in Prestwich, contact Ministry of Shred. Let us know the number of bags you need to get your job done. We will be happy to talk with you about scheduling regular pickups at your business as well. We will answer any questions you may have and get your service started. We offer extremely competitive rates so you will get good value for the money.

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