Home Shredding Service in Wilmslow

Home Shredding Service in WilmslowA home shredding service in Wilmslow will keep your confidential information safe. More than 100 000 people were victims of identity fraud last year. It may not be something you have given any thought, but unfortunately criminals have found ways to benefit from our complacency. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. Once a fraudster has a sufficient amount of your personal information, they proceed to commit fraud in a number of ways. This can take the form of opening bank accounts and obtaining credit cards in your name. It could mean taking over your existing accounts or opening a mobile contract. There could be someone out there with their picture on a passport or drivers license bearing your name.

If you would like to avoid falling prey to fraudsters in Wilmslow, home shredding service is a place to start. The typical type of information a fraudster is looking for is your name, your current or previous address, and your birth date. This information is frequently on correspondence and documentation that you could simply be throwing in the dustbin. Do you know the places your rubbish goes once it has been thrown into the bin? With a shredding service you get peace of mind that your documentation is being destroyed beyond recognition. Your information cannot be accessed through this means, and you are little safer.

It is easy to organise a home shredding service in Wilmslow. At The Ministry of Shred we have been collecting and destroying information from home offices for many years. We have a well established, efficient and secure service. Call us today and a friendly team member will explain the process. Once you have ordered your security sack online, you will simply fill the sack to the level indicated and seal it with the security tag provided. Book a driver at a time suitable for you and we will come and collect. Our drivers are in uniform and carry identification so you can be sure your information is safe. Back at our shredding facility we will destroy the sack containing your paperwork without even opening it.

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