Mobile Shredding Services in Stockport

Mobile Shredding Services in StockportOur mobile shredding services in Stockport were put in place to help clients in two ways. The first is to securely get rid of confidential documents that includes people’s personal information such as addresses, bank account details, and ID numbers. The second is to help clients preserve the environment. Trees continue to be cut down to make paper, despite the fact that the world uses digital services. Paper is produced for a number of reasons and the most common ones include pamphlets or tracts that are read and then thrown away. In offices, printers and copiers continue to use large amounts paper for hard copies of documents.

To ensure the minimum of waste, and lessen our impact on the environment, we can make use of recycling services. In Stockport, mobile shredding services are a convenient and economical way of lessening our waste. All you have to do is give us a call to place an order for a recyclable sacks. We will then deliver them to your doorstep. Fill the sacks with the paper meant for recycling and tie them with the security tags provided. Our uniformed and friendly to drivers will collect the full shred sacks and transport them to our shredding facility. The bags are then placed, unopened into our industrial sized shredder and will not be completely destroyed. You will receive a certificate of destruction as proof that the paper is securely shredded. Extensive precautionary measures are in place to ensure a confidential and professional service. Our drivers will present their ID cards and will verify the security tags when they collect the sacks from you. All our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices to monitor the progress of the delivery of the sacks to the shredding facility.

Mobile shredding services in Stockport are a convenient and safe way to ensure the safety of the sensitive information you no longer need. Contact Ministry of Shred today to discuss your requirements and receive a quote. It is our policy to fully recycle all the cardboard, paper and plastics with a completed audit trail. Many of the materials we recycle are made into usable products.

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