Mobile Shredding Services in Hyde

Mobile Shredding Services in HydeUse our unique mobile shredding services in Hyde if you are looking for a way to dispose of your unwanted yet personal documentation.  Identity fraud is a serious problem, and has affected more than 100 000 people. Don’t be someone who believes that this crime won’t happen to you, and make use of a professional shredding service. Many people continue to discard their personal and sensitive information in the trash, without ever realising that they are providing potential criminals with a treasure chest of information for them to steal and use.

For busy business owners in Hyde, mobile shredding services are convenient and easy to use. First determine your business’ shredding quantity needs. Order your recyclable shred sack online. There are 3 different sizes of shred sack to choose from. The triple sack was designed for the disposal of large numbers of documents and files, and these are suitable for businesses that generate a substantial amount of paper waste.  Once you have received your shred sack, along with the security tag, fill it to the level line and then secure it with the tag. Give us a ring to arrange for a collection of the sacks at your convenience. These will be collected by our uniformed and identity carrying drivers who will transport your sacks to our shredding facility.

Mobile shredding services in Hyde can assist in keeping your business safe. It is the legal obligation of every business owner to ensure the protection of their clients’ information. Contact The Ministry of Shred without delay and inquire about our mobile shredding services. The contents of your shred sacks will be destroyed according to the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713. We will email your certificate of destruction to you. All shredded paper is recycled into reusable paper products. You can rest assured that you have met your legal obligation according to the data protection act, and while protecting your clients’ sensitive information, you are also assisting in helping maintain a greener world.

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