Paper Shredder Service in Timperley

Paper Shredder Service in TimperleyA paper shredder service in Timperley is important in business today. Every business has sensitive, confidential information, and in the wrong hands, it could prove to be dangerous. We may be electronically storing most of our data, but there is still a lot of paperwork in most offices. Documents such as bank statements, tax returns, credit card information and other sensitive information is a feast for those with identify theft on their minds. This kind of information in the hands of unscrupulous people can mean a nightmarish road ahead for anyone. Identity theft is on the rise, and if you don’t want to be a victim of this crime, using the services of a company that offers a shredder service is advisable.

It is a necessity to shred old confidential documents. In Timperley, paper shredder services from Ministry of Shred will give you great peace of mind. We have different sized shredding sacks that can be ordered online. The sacks are provided with security tags. You simply fill the sacks and seal them. We collect the sacks from you, at a prearranged time and they are taken to our secure shredding facility. The sacks are designed to be shredded and recycled. Your bag is never opened once you have sealed it.

A paper shredder service in Timperley ensures that the sacks and contents are shredded to BSIA standards. Contact Ministry of Shred for a secure paper shredder service today. Once your sacks and confidential information has been destroyed, we will email a certificate of destruction to you, confirming the documents have been destroyed. We take the shredding of unwanted documents seriously. All our services are completed according to the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713. This means that our management, control of collection, transportation and destruction of confidential material is done within their strict guidelines. Don’t become a victim of identity theft and ensure old documents are properly shredded.

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