Mobile Document Shredding in Urmston

Mobile Document Shredding in UrmstonDespite the world going digital, paper still find its way to landfills or incineration in really large quantities but mobile document shredding in Urmston is a good alternative if you want to contribute to a better environment. Most people know that the production of paper includes the use of various harmful chemicals, however, very few know that when paper starts to decompose, it produces methane, a greenhouse gas that is much more dangerous than carbon dioxide. If you have recently taken into account the dangers of the production and decomposition of paper, then recycling is a much better option.

Paper is still being produced but there can be a lesser need for new paper when you are clearing your office or even attic. In Urmston, mobile document shredding is an excellent option to consider. At Ministry of Shred, we have an industrial shredder that destroys your papers, marketing flyers, and sensitive documents. Our services make sure to protect your company’s information by providing you with shred sacks that you secure yourself. They go through the giant shredder and are never opened before shredding. We understand that you might be concerned especially if you have to destroy documents with very sensitive information but we can assure you that once you hand over the shred sacks, we will take them directly to our shredding facility and these documents will be recycled. When we collect the sacks from you, our representatives will present an ID and are also uniformed so that they are easily recognised. The recycling process starts when you place an order for the shred sack.

When you are hiring our services for mobile document shredding in Urmston, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can absolutely trust us and knowing that the papers will be used for other items and will reduce the felling of trees for the production of brand new papers. Contact Ministry of Shred for more information about mobile document shredding. Once the papers have successfully been destroyed, we will provide you with a certification of destruction that the documents and papers have been securely shredded.

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