Paper Shredding Company in Handforth

paper shredding company in HandforthA company that serves the need of home based businesses for a paper shredding company in Handforth is Ministry of Shred. It is easy enough to keep a shredding machine handy at home for personal document disposal. However, even home based businesses accumulate a lot of paper containing the private information of clients. Transaction files need to be kept for a few years before you can dispose of them. Since most home based businesses do not have unlimited storage space, you want those files gone as soon as possible. You don’t want to hand shred, sheet by sheet, a whole years’ worth of file folders and their contents. This is the issue that Ministry of shred has resolved. Their solution is convenient, affordable and above all, secure.

The way the company works is as simple as it is smart. For home business owners in Handforth, paper shredding company Ministry of Shred uses recyclable bags called Shred Sacks. You order the number of 20kg shred sacks that you need. You can order one for average needs or more if you are doing a year end clear out. You can order conveniently online using the secure PayPal for payment. Each bag has an identifying tag for security purposes. When your bag is full, call us and our security screened staff will collect it and dispose of it into the truck.

Once the Shred Sack leaves your hands, the paper shredding company in Handforth insures it is never opened again. When you need the services of a paper shredding company, contact Ministry of Shred. The bag is placed in the collection truck and taken to our recycling centre. The truck then backs up to our shredding machine and dumps its load of Shred Sacks. The bag and its contents are thoroughly shredded and ready for recycling. You will receive a Certification of Destruction once the shredding is complete. That is your documentation that your important papers have been shredded according to the British Security Standards. Book your online delivery and pick up today so your clients information is never at risk again. Share your method of protecting them and they will be grateful for your dedication to their security.

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