Home Office Security in Sale Moor

Home Office Security in Sale MoorAre you worried about home office security in Sale Moor as you are planning to clear the office of all papers? When you are clearing the office, you will need to find a secure place to throw away your papers. Putting them in dumpsters is not the solution if those papers contain sensitive information such as the clients’ banking details, addresses, and ID numbers. To protect their details and those of the company, you will need to find an industrial shredder that can securely transport the papers and destroy them without anybody having access to them.

In Sale Moor, home office security is especially important if you do not want information to leak out or having your clients’ details stolen. ID fraud is a serious offence and can cause a lot of grievances to the victims. At Ministry of Shred, our job is to make sure that the clients who hire us to destroy their papers in all safety enjoy peace of mind knowing that we will take care of everything the moment the bags of papers are passed to us. To begin the process, you can simply order the sacks online and they will be sent to you. You then fill them up and tie the sack with the security tag provided. The bags will not be opened at all and they will go through the industrial shredder along with all the staples. Once you are ready, you can set up a meeting with us and we will send a representative to collect the bags. Once the bags have gone through the industrial shredder, a certificate of destruction is issued confirming that the papers have already been through the industrial shredder.

To make sure that you enjoy peace of mind with home office security in Sale Moor, do not hesitate to contact Ministry of Shred. We will help you in protecting the home office and will provide swift and secured service to make sure that you do not have papers trailing around the office where anyone could just grab them. For more details about home office security solutions, contact Ministry of Shred.

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