Paper Shredder Service in Sale Moor

paper shredder service in Sale MoorA paper shredder service in Sale Moor is absolutely essential in today’s world. Over 100 000 people were victims of ID fraud last year alone. Over three billion pounds is lost to the economy every year. To be sure that you or your clients are not a victim of identity theft, fraud and industrial espionage, make sure your paperwork is properly destroyed. It is your legal obligation to your clients to make sure that their private information is properly guarded and destroyed when no longer needed. To financially protect yourself from possible litigation shred all paperwork with a reputable company. The company must be registered with the British Security Industry Association.

In Sale Moor, paper shredder service is easily arranged. First decide on the amount of paper you need removed and destroyed. There are many people who will collect your old files and remove them cheaply but they are not guaranteed to destroy them efficiently. You need a certificate to prove that the documents have been properly destroyed. A lot of your old files contain very delicate information which should definitely not fall into the wrong hands. Security is the most important part of the destruction of documents. Companies who take this seriously have vetted all their staff and have trackers on all their collection vans to stop criminals laying their hands on your valuable papers. The vans are tracked from point of collection to the secure yard.

A paper shredder service in Sale Moor is necessary when you have to clear out old files that have been kept the prescribed time, and need to be destroyed to make space for newer papers. Bags are supplied and these are sealed before collection to ensure nobody can access them. They are taken to a secure yard and are shredded into tiny pieces. This waste paper is then taken to be recycled. So you are not only responsibly destroying the files but you are also helping to lower the carbon foot print by recycling. To find out more about a secure paper shredder service, contact Ministry of Shred.

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