Paper Shredder Service in Altrincham

paper shredder service in AltrinchamWhy is it important to hire a professional paper shredder service in Altrincham? Consider the fact that identity theft and fraud costs the UK over 3 billion pounds per year. How are details about identity obtained? Con artists and similar parties take the time to peruse through trash in order to find documents that may contain identifying bits of information. Some common examples include old bills such as credit card, gas, electricity, hydro, personal letters, letters from companies etc. Some people even carelessly toss in their expired identity tags into the garbage. When the con artist has amassed details about you, he or she can use it apply for credit cards, withdraw cash, make fake identity cards, all in your name! One of the best and sure fire ways to stop identity theft is by shredding your documents.

In Altrincham, paper shredder service is a service Ministry of Shred specialises in, providing a professional shredding service to their clients. The process begins when you purchase your security sack from their online portal. After placing your order, your security tag and sack will be sent out. Fill in the bags up to the level line indicated. Then securely seal each bag with the tags provided. The main purpose of sealing your bag is that it will be directly placed in the shredder without ever being opened. After shredding, the contents will be recycled. You may book this service online or via the telephone. If you have opted for a collection, one of their drivers will arrive at your pickup address and present you with a identity proof from the company. Rest assured, all our staff have been screened according to British Standards. After confirm your security tag code, your sack will be taken to the company’s security collection truck. All Ministry of Shred vehicles are fitted with tracking to ensure monitoring of vehicle movements. Once your sacks arrive at the secure shredding facility, the directly unloads them into the building. After checking against your order, the sacks are immediately shredded.

If you want to safely dispose of your documents, it is recommended you contact Ministry of Shred for their paper shredder service in Altrincham. All of Ministry of Shred’s operations are compliant with the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713. This means all our processes from collection control, transportation, destruction of materials and management adhere to strict guidelines. Once your documents have been shredded, a certificate will be emailed to you. For a professional paper shredder service, contact Ministry of Shred.

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