Home Shred It In Cheshire!

Home Shred it in CheshireIsn’t it a great idea to home shred it in Cheshire?In today’s world there are many individuals who would not think twice about fraudulently using your personal information for their own gain. Ministry of Shred provides a safe way to get rid of important, yet old and unwanted, documents in a secure manner. Not only will their destruction methods protect your privacy and personal information, but it will give you the peace of mind knowing that your identification numbers, often used for identity theft, bank accounts and other vital information, are secure. The processes are in line with the specifications as per British Security Industry Association standard EN15713, ensuring that their management, control of collection, transportation and destruction of confidential material is done within strict guidelines.

In Cheshire, home shred it is appropriately completed by Ministry of Shred. They use the most cost-effective and reliable method as they know how important document shredding is, as many individuals have fallen victim to fraud and theft which causes losses in monetary value. The whole system is based to secure your information from collection to actual destruction! No-one ever sees the content of your shred sack. Strict rules and guidelines are followed which give present and future clients the assurance of secure shredding of important documents. Quality shred sacks and a specially numbered security tag is posted to you when you order and pay via Pay Pal.

To home shred it in Cheshire is so easy! You order your shred sacks, which can hold up to as much as 20kg of documents, you fill and seal with your security tag, then contact Ministry of Shred for collection and authorised personnel will be sent to collect. All staff carry proof of identification and are screened according to the British Security standards. On arrival at the shredding facility your sacks will go directly to the processing plant, once all your tags and information has been verified. With shredding completed you will receive a “certificate of destruction” which guarantees that your documents were destroyed within government standards. For more information on how to home shred it, contact Ministry of Shred.

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