Use Reliable Mobile Shredding in Stockport

Use Reliable Mobile Shredding in StockportProfessional mobile shredding in Stockport can prevent you becoming a victim of identity theft. Although the modern living has offered us convenience, speed and comfort, identity theft has become more common than we realise. ‘Identity theft’ is a common term that we hear about. What is identity theft and what can you do to prevent it? When conmen and fraudsters use your personal details to commit fraud, this is called identity theft. Identity theft can take place using the details of individuals who are alive as well as those who are deceased. This is a serious crime and more than 100,000 British citizens become victims of identity fraud every year! Our passports, national IDs, driver’s licenses, social security numbers etc are used to steal your identity. If you become the victim of identity theft, it may have serious consequences! For example, you may find it difficult to obtain a loan, credit card or home mortgage until the issue is resolved. Resolving the issue could take a lot of time. Why take unnecessary risks that may have an adverse impact on your finances?

Customers may wish to ask for Stockport mobile shredding services at the Ministry of Shred. They provide their customers with a choice of sacks (the shred pack, triple-pack and the five-pack) which come with a ‘fill line’. You can fill the sack to upto the fill line and seal it securely. The bags are shredded without ever being opened. The volume and nature of documents may vary across individuals; simply contact Ministry of Shred to discuss your requirement.

The Ministry of Shred is proud to offer 100% trustworthy mobile shredding in Stockport. This is an extremely useful service when you need to clear out your old office files. You may also require professional shredding if you are in the process of moving your office. Official documents can be easily used to steal identities or commit fraud. It’s better to take adequate precautions and minimise the risks involved. Contact Ministry of Shred for details regarding mobile shredding.

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