Efficient Home Shredding in Sale Moor

Efficient Home Shredding in Sale MoorIf you are looking for a solution to home shredding in Sale Moor, you would be better off looking at security, convenience and cost – probably in that order – when looking for good service. Most home machines are single-feed systems that cannot handle too much at one time and the only way to counter this is to hire a professional shredding company to handle your job. When doing so, the process they use to collect and shred your documents should be given importance.

In Sale Moor, home shredding is best done by a professional company. This way you can be certain that sensitive documents will properly and securely shredded. Ministry of Shred offer an efficient and easy to use system for the removal of your documents for shredding. First, order your security sack online. This can be paid for using the Paypal system. This is a recyclable 20 kg sack in which you will place all your unwanted documents and paper. Then, fill the bag to the fill level line. Once this is done, you can seal the bag with the security tag that is provided with the bag. After the bag is sealed with the security tag, it will not be opened as the bag, together with its contents is shredded.

Another benefit of home shredding in Sale Moor is that it is as easy as calling Ministry of Shred to book an appointment for collection of the security sack. When the security vetted according to British standards drivers come to collect your sack, they will show proof of identity so you know who it is that is collecting your sack.  The security tag code will be confirmed and the sack will be transported to their secure shredding facility. Upon arrival at the shredding plant, your sack is unloaded inside the building without ever being opened! The sack, with your unwanted documents inside, will be shredded according to the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713. After the shredding process is complete, they will email a certificate confirming the destruction of the documents is emailed to you. As easy as that! If you would like to make use of their home shredding services on offer, contact Ministry of Shred.

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