Safe and Secure Confidential Shredding in Stretford

Safe and Secure Confidential Shredding in StretfordIf you require confidential shredding in Stretford, it is advisable to choose a company that is aware of the dangers of fraud and identity theft. Confidential shredding keeps files, documents, and information from getting into the wrong hands and protects the integrity of your business. Ministry of Shred is a company that offers secure shredding of confidential home and office documents. They adhere to the mandatory Data Protection Act of 1998. They have years of experience in the shredding business and all shredding jobs are carried out in accordance to BSIA standards. What’s more, Ministry of Shred promises to recycle your shredded waste into usable paper products, doing their bit for the environment.

In Stretford, confidential shredding is offered by the Ministry of Shred for every need. This can be done in a few easy steps. They will supply the shred sacks for disposal of paper files which have a security tag. Fill the sacks to allocated level and securely seal the sack with the tag.  Book a collection time and date for when it is convenient and the sealed bags will be collected by one of their representatives. Ministry of Shed’s staff are all security screened and when they collect the sealed bag they will provide proof of identity. When the bags are collected, the tag code is confirmed and when they arrive at the shredding facility the entire bag including the security tag is shredded. After the shredding process is complete, they will email a certificate of destruction to you.

Confidential shredding in Stretford is a simple yet secure process. Employing the services of a professional shredding company will provide you with peace of mind and take the responsibility off your hands as they guarantee confidentiality and safety of all your company and personal information. They offer a cost effective tailored solution that will destroy documents properly, all at a competitive rate for all your data shredding needs. If you require confidential shredding of old and unwanted documents, contact Ministry of Shred today for your quote or more information.

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