Confidential Shredding In Altrincham

	Confidential Shredding In AltrinchamConfidential shredding in Altrincham is important to all businesses in the area. Many businesses have paid a hefty price with critical and sensitive data finding its way into the hands of the wrong people. It has become apparent that identity theft and fraud is on the increase. It is said that ID fraud costs the UK economy £3billion every year.  Document destruction policies have been introduced to help with keeping sensitive information away from prying eyes.  All shredding jobs should be carried out in accordance to BSIA standards, ensuring complete destruction by the shredding of confidential documents. If you are looking for a company that does confidential shredding you ought to consider Ministry of Shred.

In Altrincham confidential shredding is easy and convenient with Ministry of Shred. You simply order your security sack online, making use of their secure PayPal payment system. You’ll receive your security sack and tag as requested according to the size you choose. Once you have filled the bag, seal it with the provided security tag. Your bag is never opened once it is sealed, and it has been designed to be shredded and recycled.  With the Ministry of Shred, your documents are shredded to the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713. You can have peace of mind that your sensitive documents are collected, transported and destroyed within strict guidelines.

With confidential shredding in Altrincham done by Ministry of Shred, highly discreet professionals who have been vetted according to stringent British standards will show their proof of identity and place your sack in their collection truck. These vehicles are fitted with tracking devices for monitoring services. Your sack is unloaded, checked against your order and shredded without the sack being opened. A Certificate of Destruction is then e-mailed to you confirming its destruction.  Confidential shredding of unwanted documents has become a top priority for businesses and home offices. Contact Ministry of Shred to discuss your confidential shredding requirements.

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