Confidential Home Shredding in Stockport

Confidential Home Shredding in StockportHome shredding in Stockport requires old papers and documents that are no longer needed to be effectively destroyed to prevent sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. You may work from home and have a home office, or you may require your own personal documents and papers to be shredded from time to time. Not every home has a paper shredder and not everyone is going to buy a paper shredding machine to take care of all their home shredding requirements. A good alternative is to find someone who can take care of all that shredding for you for a low cost, and with the utmost respect for your privacy.

Confidential and effective Stockport home shredding is carried out by Ministry of Shred. Having operated in the document and paper shredding industry for a number of years, they have an effective and utterly secure shredding service. Once you have ordered and paid for service, you will receive your security sack and tag. The sack must be filled to the level indicated, and then secured with the tag. The sacks are designed in such a way that they do not have to be opened for the contents to be shredded. When you have made arrangements for a collection, a security screened driver with ID will collect the full sacks. The sacks are delivered in a tracked vehicle to their security depot and destroyed in a high capacity shredder. A certificate is emailed to you confirming the process was carried out properly.

At Ministry of Shred, home shredding in Stockport is a secure and competent service. Not only do you get rid of all the old papers and documents you no longer require, you can rest assured that they are thoroughly shredded. They can offer a cost effective tailored solution that will destroy documents properly, all at a competitive rate. If you require safe and secure home shredding, contact Ministry of Shred today for your quote or further information.

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