Home Shredding in Wilmslow

Home Shredding in WilmslowNowadays home shredding in Wilmslow has become a priority as we all become security conscious due to the increase in ID fraud. Ministry of Shred has years of experience in the shredding business and can provide you with a simple three step procedure such as order, fill and shred that is carried out when dealing with customers confidential waste information. Nothing is left to chance as all shredding jobs are carried out in accordance to BSIA standards. The company provides a secure pick up system of which is backed by a certificate of destruction. Unlike an office shredding machine, Ministry of Shred have high capacity shredding machines that carry out shredding with safety and in high quantities.

In Wilmslow, home shredding prevents personal and commercial information getting into the wrong hands. Shredding has never been easier, as all you need do is go to Ministry of Shred’s website and order a security sack. When you receive your sack and tag, fill the bag to its maximum level, seal the bag and attach the security tag. Call the company and book a collection when convenient and the sealed bags will be collected by one of their representatives. Employing the services of a professional shredding company will provide you with peace of mind and take the responsibility off your hands as they guarantee confidentiality and safety of all your company and personal information.

Not only is home shredding in Wilmslow simple, it also provides a cost effective way to dispose of sensitive documents. Ministry of Shed’s staff are security screened and when collecting they will provide proof of identity. When bags are collected, the tag code is confirmed and when they arrive at the shredding facility the entire bag plus security tag is shredded, which ensures what is put into the bags when sealed stays inside. All shredded bags are fully recycled into new paper products, which in turn safeguards the forests and protects the trees. If you want to learn more about home shredding contact Ministry of Shred today and their friendly staff will gladly answer any questions.

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