Home Shredding in Warrington

Are you looking for a document shredding company that provides secure home shredding in Warrington? If you have tried shredding your own files at home, then you will be familiar with the challenges that typically come with it. You spend hours shredding documents in a puny shredder that jams constantly and requires consistent emptying of the waste paper basket – this is enough to frustrate even the most patient individual. One of the benefits of a home shredding company is the time (and effort) you save. These professionals are well equipped to complete your job in only a couple of minutes. The security of your sensitive and personal information is another great advantage of employing the services of a home shredding service provider.

In Warrington, home shredding service is provided by Ministry of Shred. This company is committed to “protecting the home office”. If you work from home it is important to understand that you are also vulnerable to identity theft. So, you need to ensure that documents that contain your personal information and company’s sensitive data (i.e. clients’ address, bank account details, clients’ data etc.) are properly shredded. The Ministry of Shred provides a “Shred Sack” to clients who want to have their documents properly disposed of. The sacks are specifically designed to be destroyed along with your documents – the bags will NEVER be opened once you have filled it with the documents destined for shredding.

The process of home shredding in Warrington is easy with the help of Ministry of Shred. Simply place an order for a “Shred Sack” online, the sack will be delivered to your home office. Then, you fill the sack to the fill-level line and seal it tightly with the security tag provided. After you have booked a collection with Ministry of Shred, the company will send over one of its drivers to the specified collection address you provide and he/she will show you proof of identity. Next, your sack will be taken to the company’s processing plant to be shredded. You will be glad to know that absolutely no one will open the sack! A “Certificate of Destruction” will be sent to you via email top confirm the destruction of the paper waste/documents/files. Call Ministry of Shred and save your frustration for bigger things!

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