Fast and Easy Home Shredding In Alderley Edge

goodAre you in search of a document shredding service provider that offers secure, easy, and fast home shredding in Alderley Edge? Most entrepreneurs who work from home think that they are not vulnerable to identity theft and may not bother to have their document professionally shredded. According to statistics, the rate of identity theft in the past five years has skyrocketed – in the United Kingdom, 3 billion pounds (£3 billion) is lost each year to identity thieves! Employing the services of professional document shredding service provider gives you peace of mind. Reputable document shredding companies like Ministry of Shred put processes in place that guarantee the confidentiality and safety of your personal and company’s information. Document shredding experts take the responsibility off your hands, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you do not have data breach in your business.

In Alderley Edge, home shredding services are provided by Ministry of Shred. When you give your documents/files to these document shredding experts, they shred them to confetti-sized pieces and ship them to their trustworthy and verified recycling partners. You will be happy to know that at no time is your files or documents looked at or sorted through by prying eyes. Ministry of Shred boasts a team of well trained and professional staff that make it their business to destroy your documents safely and effectively. Ministry of Shred is dedicated to “protecting the home office”.

You will also be glad to know that the process of home shredding in Alderley Edge is simple – Ministry of Shred does not make the process complicated at all! All you need to do is place your order for a “Shred Sack” on the internet, the sack will be delivered to your specified location. Next, place the documents you want to shred in the sack and seal it firmly with the security tag provided. Then, book a collection with Ministry of Shred – a driver will be sent to your specified collection point/address and he or she will show you his or her proof of ID. Your sack will immediately be taken to Ministry of Shred’s processing plant to be shredded. A “Certificate of Destruction” will be emailed to you to confirm the destruction of your documents.

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