Benefits of Confidential Shredding in Hale

Hale Confidential ShreddingThere are plenty of reasons why confidential shredding, in Hale is something that almost every single company needs to consider when dealing with old or outdated documents.The biggest mistake that anyone can make is to underestimate the kind of impact a document containing some kind of information, can have if it falls into the hands of unsavoury elements. Most people may think that chucking papers into trash is a good enough way of ensuring complete destruction but in the case of key documents, out of mind is not really the same as out of sight. What you need is a solution that provides you the permanent destruction of documents that you no longer need.

In Hale, confidential shredding for commercial establishments or individuals is akin to the “empty recycle bin” concept you have on your computers. Not only do you get rid of the document from your presence, you also remove its entire existence by hiring someone who can confidentially remove the document from your premises and destroy it. All you need to do is get onto the Ministry of Shred website and order a security sack. Once you’ve received the sack, along with a tag, you then need to fill the bag out to the line indicating the max-level. Seal the bag and attach the security tag that comes with the bag. Then book a collection as per your convenience and a representative from Ministry of Shred will come to you and collect the sealed bags.

Here’s the best bit about Ministry of Shred’s confidential shredding in Hale – your bags are never opened at any point in time! Once you’ve sealed the bags with our security tags, we confirm the tag code and place it into our secure vans. They arrive at the shredding facility where everything is sent into the shredder, bag and tag included. There is no opening of the sack so what you’ve sealed inside, stays inside. All documents are shredded according to the guidelines prescribed by the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713 and you are provided a certificate of destruction via email. For the safest and most quality-controlled, confidential method of document shredding, get onto the Ministry of Shred website today

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