Effective and Secure Home Shredding in Altrincham

Are you in search of a paper shredding company that offers home shredding in Altrincham? With the rate of identity theft on the increase, you will need to be highly conscious of the way you dispose of your company’s sensitive documents and your personal information. Each year, identity theft costs the UK’s economy a whopping three billion pounds (£3billion)! If you need to clear out your home office securely, you will require the services of a reputable home shredding service providers like Ministry of Shred. Home or residential shredding will help you reduce the risk of having your sensitive documents stolen by unscrupulous people or jealous business competitors – your stolen identity can be used against you.

In Altrincham, home shredding service is provided by Ministry of Shred, a company that is dedicated to protecting the home office by providing effective, secure and easy document shredding services. With the Ministry of Shred’s “Shred Sack” you can have waste and sensitive documents destroyed easily. The Shred Sack is the company’s first and most popular product used by home-based business owners. This sack is ideal for the disposal of paper documents, they are designed to be shredded along with the documents – this way, the bag will never be opened once you fill it with the files and seal it.

You will be glad to know that the process of home shredding in Altrincham employed by Ministry of Shred is fast and easy. All you need to do is place an order for your “Shred Sack” online, the sack will be sent to you when you place your order. Next, fill the Shred Sack to the fill-level line and seal the sack securely using the security tag provided. When you book a collection, Ministry of Shred’s driver will arrive at your specified collection address and will show you his/her proof of identity. Your bag is taken to be shredded in the company’s processing plant, where the documents are shredded – no one will open the sack to view its content. As soon as the documents are shredded, a “Certificate of Destruction” is immediately emailed to you confirming the destruction of the files/documents. Ring Ministry of Shred and know your documents will be safely destroyed.

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