Confidential Shredding in Wilmslow

Confidential Shredding in Wilmslow Confidential shredding in Wilmslow can be completed by the Ministry of Shred, a company specialising in the bulk shredding of confidential documents should not be seen outside the company concerned. The Ministry of Shred handles your documents throughout its shredding process in a secure manner, and no one outside company or persons except authorised personnel are allowed inside the premises near the shredding area. Shredding is done in accordance with the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713.

In Wilmslow, confidential shredding is carried out by the Ministry of Shred, a firm recognised for their security. The process works with the customer originally ordering shredding bags from our sales department. These can be bought in batches of one, three or five bags. You then fill the bags up to the fill line and seal the bags. Our receiving staff will then come to your premises, identify themselves with our secure badges to pick up the sealed bags and bring them to our shredding facility. Our facility is so designed that our trucks can back up right next to the shredding machine. The bags are then placed on a conveyer belt that leads into the shredder. Once the material is shredded, the paper is bulk shaped into blocks that are then recycled for further use elsewhere. Once your material is shredded, a certificate is sent to you, confirming that your material has been through our process and has been shredded.

Confidential shredding in Wilmslow really is a necessity for both the householder and business. It has been estimated that fraud costs the United Kingdom about 3 million GBP every year, and that over 100,000 entities were victims of fraud. It pays therefore to have your confidential documents shredded. Our shredding facility can accommodate from the smallest household to the largest business, so no one is kept out of the loop. Shredding your confidential documents brings peace of mind and a sense of security that you have followed the right course to stop fraudulent attacks on your household or business. Contact us today!

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