Mobile Shredding in Stretford – Professional, Efficient and Secure

Mobile Shredding in Stretford A professional mobile shredding service in Stretford is an excellent way to relieve stress associated with identity theft. Your home office is most likely as busy as a conventional office. Like a conventional office, you have an obligation to keep your clients’ personal information safe from possible identity thieves. It is necessary to retain documents for a certain number of years. However, even when they are no longer as necessary, the information in them remains as important. The best way to safeguard this information is to ensure the unwanted documents are thoroughly destroyed. A highly effective way to do this is to have them shredded. We offer expert shredding services.

An excellent way to ensure that your clients’ sensitive information remains safe from prying eyes is to shred it. In Stretford, mobile shredding is available for your convenience. Shredding your old documents can be a lengthy process, especially if you are using a conventional office shredder. Our mobile shredding service is an excellent option. The process is easy.  We offer shred sacks for sale. These are available in three different sizes to meet your requirements. You can fill the sack with the unwanted documents, and when it is full, we will collect the securely closed sack. The sack is transported to our shredding facility, where our industrial and powerful shredding machine will completely destroy the shred sack and all its contents.

Mobile shredding in Stretford removes the worry of identity theft. Moreover, our service is both affordable and convenient. Once your documents are shredded, we’ll send you a certificate of destruction. This is your proof that you have ensured that your old documents are in fact destroyed. For more details about our mobile shredding service and how we can assist, contact Ministry of Shred. Additionally, all the shredded documents are turned into recyclable paper products. So, not only are you ensuring your clients’ confidentiality, you are also doing your bit for the environment.

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