Confidential Shredding in Stretford Helps Prevent Identity Theft

Confidential Shredding in Stretford Confidential shredding in Stretford is a necessary process to ensure the safety of confidential information. If you think that tearing an old document in 2 and tossing it is safe, think again. Identity theft and fraud continues to rise. Criminals find it easy to do when they come across singly torn documents. As a business owner, or even for your personal life, confidential shredding is something that everyone must consider. If you do not have the time to do it yourself, it is best to use the services of a professional company. They’ll have the machinery and the manpower to ensure a thorough and professional paper shredding service. In addition, a professional company can see to it that the shredded documents are recycled correctly.

We can help you with your requirements. Thus, in Stretford, confidential shredding is a valuable service that we offer. The process is straightforward too. The first step is to purchase your shred sack online. Choose the size you think meets your needs. Fill the bag, secure it with its tag and it is ready for shredding. Then, give us a ring to arrange a collection at the time that suits you. Our member of staff, in uniform and with ID, will collect the shred sack from you. This is then transported to our shredding facility and entirely shredded. The bag is never opened and the contents are correctly and thoroughly shredded. All the documents are shredded to the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713,

After the confidential shredding in Stretford, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction. This is your evidence that your documents have been correctly shredded. For more details about our confidential shredding service, contact Ministry of Shred right away. You’ll find that our prices are highly competitive. Furthermore, our shredding service brings you complete peace of mind. Moreover, it has always been our policy to recycle all cardboard and paper waste with a complete audit trail. As such, many of the papers and cardboard that we recycle are turned into usable paper products. So, not only are you protecting sensitive information, you will also be playing a role in the recycling effort.

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