Confidential Shredding in Chorlton, Ensuring Total Information Privacy

WConfidential Shredding in Chorltone handle all your problems of confidential shredding in Chorlton. Nearly every business, no matter how big or small, generates some amount of confidential waste. Households also produce large amounts of such materials. You may think that only bank statements or credit card details are confidential. However, for identity thieves, the tiniest bit of information is of vital importance. Your full name, address, telephone number, medical details, post-it notes, grocery bills or pharmacy invoices are a  rich mine of information that they can use. A clever scamster can easily commit identity theft and put your own safety and security and that of your family’s at risk.

For your home business in Chorlton, confidential shredding is not something that the average person does. It is not about purchasing a portable shredder and dumping the waste shreds in the garbage bin. Papers must be cross-cut for added security. Industrial shredders can handle paper clips, staples and pins without a blink. You can also shred digital data contained in CD’s and credit cards. If you deal with sensitive data in your business, it’s important to ensure that it is completely destroyed. Your customers must feel confident that their personal information will not be misused. We can give you a secure container to store the material till we collect it. Our plans include a recyclable 20kg Shred Sack for paper files, a Triple Sack for high volume waste, or the Five Pack Sack intended for office clearance.

You can select the sack size according to your need for confidential shredding in Chorlton. Once your sack is full, you can book for it to be collected. All the sacks are equipped with a security tag that carries a unique identity number. Once the destruction is over, we can provide you with a certificate of destruction. Contact Ministry of Shred today for more about our confidential shredding.  All our staff and drivers are screened for security in compliance with British Standards. The waste is shredded according to the British Security Industry Association’s standards. This ensures that all handling, transportation, disposal and certification are in compliance with these guidelines. We have a duty of care to ensure that your privacy and safety are protected.

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