Home Office Security in Northenden that Ticks all the Right Boxes

Home Office Security in Northenden Remote workers need top quality home office security in Northenden and elsewhere. The recent pandemic has created a completely new work ethic. Most people are grateful to have jobs that don’t require them to be physically present in a particular location. However, there is a downside to this. Millions of people who previously worked in designated offices and workspaces have to re-assess their security and privacy status. Data breach, identity theft, compromised privacy and confidentiality are some of the real concerns that individuals and businesses have today. The work-from-home culture means that individuals are responsible for their own and their company’s security. Cybersecurity features have to be robust enough to withstand malicious attacks and intruders.

Our firm has several decades’ experience in safely disposing of confidential data. In Northenden, home office security can be compromised if you simply toss the waste into the general garbage collection. Whether it’s on paper, or in digital format, data provides a rich field of information for unscrupulous and unauthorised persons. There are fewer systems at home for disposing of work-related waste. You may have a home-based shredder, but that becomes a chore that’s often put aside for later. Data can be accessed outside the protected official network if someone hacks into your Wi-Fi. This means that sensitive documents, files and other important information can fall into the wrong hands. E-mail scams are another huge risk that you may face through phishing attacks.

Home office security in Northenden may be compromised by the careless disposal of paper waste. Printouts of designs, travel itineraries, personal information regarding salary, taxation or contracts should be disposed of securely to avoid risk and possible litigation. Contact Ministry of Shred for more details on how we can assist. We provide you with a secure sack to store the paper waste. Once it’s filled, you can seal it and give us a call to have it picked up. Our drivers are reliable and thoroughly screened. Documents are shredded according to BS EN 15713, with a disposal certificate provided

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