Secure Shredding in Macclesfield – Keep Your Personal Information Secure

Secure Shredding in Macclesfield Secure shredding in Macclesfield is an excellent way to ensure your confidential information remains secure. For small home businesses, a shredding service is an ideal solution to your data security requirements. A large number of identity theft cases occur because business owners neglect to destroy pertinent information. Quite often, papers containing personal information such as identity numbers, bank details and more are simply torn in half. The information is then available for any would-be criminal rooting through the rubbish bin. This does happen, and identity theft and fraud continue to rise. In fact, it costs the UK economy billions of pounds a year.

You can avoid this from happening. Thus, in Macclesfield, secure shredding is a service that all small businesses should not be without. Shredding your documents can be tiresome. It can also be postponed to a later date. This is where our shredding services are an excellent option. Our secure shredding services will give you peace of mind. You’ll be secure in the knowledge that your important information is properly, and thoroughly destroyed. Order your shred sack online. Our shred sacks are available in different sizes to meet your needs.  Fill it and fasten it with the security tag. Then give us a ring to collect the bag from you. Our uniformed team member will take your sack to our shredding facility where it is completely shredded, bag and all.

Secure shredding in Macclesfield is a necessary service. Having your clients’ old documents securely shredded means that you are also complying with the data protection act. Furthermore, our prices are highly competitive. You’ll receive a true value for money service that brings you peace of mind. For more details about our secure shredding service, contact Ministry of Shred. All the documents that e shred are made into consumable paper products. We help you to keep your information safe and e contribute to saving our environment by recycling. It is an excellent solution and will ensure all-round information security. Call us today and let us assist you.

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