Easy, Efficient and Safe Paper Shredder Service in Northenden

Paper Shredder Service in NorthendenIn today’s world, a paper shredder service in Northenden is absolutely essential.  A huge number of people were victims of ID fraud last year alone. As such, over three billion pounds is lost to the economy every year. To ensure that neither you nor your clients are not victims of identity theft and fraud, take care to ensure that your paperwork is properly destroyed. On top of that, it is your legal obligation to your clients to ensure their private information is safe and destroyed when no longer needed. To protect yourself from possible litigation, shred all paperwork with a reputable company. The company should have British Security Industry Association registration.

For your home business in Northenden, a paper shredder service is easy to arrange. Security is the most important part of the destruction of documents. We’re happy to offer a professional shredding service. Choose the size of your shred sack and purchase it online. Fill the sack with all your unwanted documents and seal it when it is full. Then give us ring to schedule a collection at a time that best suits you. Our staff member, after identifying himself, ill collect your shred sack and transport it to our shredding facility. Once it arrives, all your old documents are shredded, bag and all. On completion of the process, we’ll send you a certificate of destruction as your proof that the process as done according to regulations.

A paper shredder service in Northenden is necessary to ensure personal data safety. For more details on how our shredding service can be arranged, contact Ministry of Shred. Moreover, all the paper that has been shredded is turned into reusable paper products. So, not only are you keeping your clients’ information safe, but you are doing your part in protecting our environment. Additionally, your documents are shredded to the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713, giving you complete peace of mind. There is little point in taking a real risk when you can make use of a convenient and easy paper shredder service.

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