Home Office Security in Cheadle, Ensuring the Safe and Thorough Destruction of Documents

Home Office Security in CheadleWe offer home office security in Cheadle through our secure document destruction services. When you do a clean out of no longer useful documents, it is essential that they are correctly destroyed. A professional shredding service is recommended.  This protects you and your business from ID fraud. Over 100 000 people were victims of ID fraud per year over the last few years. The Data Protection Act (1998) requires all companies and businesses to protect their employees, customers and suppliers by safeguarding their confidential information and of disposing of it in an appropriate, secure manner. There are heavy financial penalties for breaches of the act. The best way to stay compliant is to use a professional service.

You may feel that your office shredder is a convenient solution to get rid of confidential documents. However, in Cheadle, home office security is enhanced hen you use a professional company to shred the documents.  Once you have purchased one of our security sacks simply fill it to the level line. Securely seal the bag with the security tag provided. The bags are designed so that they are shredded and recycled so your bag is never opened. Once you have booked a collection our driver will arrive at your premises and show their proof of identity. They will confirm your security tag and remove it to the security truck.

We provide a convenient and complete method for home office security in Cheadle. To find out more on ho e can assist you, contact Ministry of Shred today. When your sacks are full, give us a call to schedule a collection. Your shred sack is taken to our shredding facility and is delivered directly into the processing plant where it is fed into our shredding equipment. All the documents are shredded to the British Security Industry Association standard. This ensures that our management, control of collection, transportation and destruction of confidential material is within their strict guidelines. Once your documents are destroyed, a certificate is e-mailed to you confirming their destruction. This is your proof that you have correctly disposed of all confidential materials.

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