Paper Shredder Service in Cheadle – Ensuring the Safety of Unwanted, Unused Documents

Paper Shredder Service in Cheadle A professional and convenient paper shredder service in Cheadle is available to assist you in keeping your clients’ information safe. Documents pertaining to your business clients need to be kept for a certain number of years. Thereafter, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are effectively and securely discarded. The best way in which to ensure this safety is by having them securely shredded. Tearing them in two and tossing them in the bin doesn’t count as an effective or secure method. Instead, they should be shredded. The best way to ensure that this is correctly done is to use the services of a professional document shredding company.

Identify theft and fraud is, unfortunately, on the increase. In Cheadle, a paper shredder service is an effective way to minimise these risks. The procedure is easy to set up, and on top of that, is an affordable, reliable and convenient procedure. Order your shred sack online, and it will be delivered to you with a security tag. You can choose the size that suits your requirements best. Once the shred sack is full, tie it closed with the security tag and give us a ring for collection. We will send a uniformed and easily identifiable member of our team to collect your shred sack from you. The shred sack will be taken to our shredding facility and shredded without it ever being opened. You’ll receive an email with the certificate of destruction conforming that your documents are effectively and securely shredded.

A paper shredder service in Cheadle is worth its weight in gold. Now you can rest assured that your clients’ pertinent information is securely destroyed. For more details on how we can assist you with a secure paper shredder service, contact Ministry of Shred. We understand the importance of secure document destruction. As we also understand the importance of effective recycling, all the shredded documents are recycled into reusable paper products. So not only are you ensuring that your clients’ information is safe, but you will also be contributing to lessening your carbon footprint.  Ensure the safety of personal information – both yours and your clients – and use a convenient, reliable and secure paper shredding service from the experts.

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