Mobile Shredding Services in Macclesfield, Secure, Effective, Affordable

mobile shredding services in MacclesfieldMobile shredding services in Macclesfield is our safe way of disposing of sensitive paper documents housed in your home office. Your responsibility to protect your clients or customers sensitive information is the same as that of mega corporations. So you likely have software programs designed to protect your computerised files against hackers. Since we have all learned a hard copy and original signatures are often essential, we end up with boxes of paper documents that are no longer needed, present a risk factor and take up space. We have the solution that is guaranteed safe and we back it up with a certificate of destruction after your documents are shredded.

A certificate of destruction can serve as proof that you disposed of documents in a safe manner. In Macclesfield, mobile shredding company, Ministry of Shred has your back. Sensitive information may leak out but you can prove it didn’t originate with you. The process is a simple but secure one. You will go to our online website and order our Shred Sack option that you need. One 20kg Shred Sack is often sufficient for your paper files. We do offer a Triple Sack if you generate a high volume. Our Five Pack Sack is great for clear outs or moving offices. All of them are recyclable and we’ll send you what you order. Fill the sacks and when they are full, attach the identifying tag that came with the bag, seal it up and contact us. We’ll pick the bags up at your door.

How, you may wonder, can mobile shredding services in Macclesfield protect those sacks once they are in the vans. The bags are placed in a secure compartment of the van. We have trackers on board which tell us exactly where each van is at any time and if there were any stops or detours, we would know. Once the van reaches our recycling centre, it’s under CCTV surveillance so there is footage of the van arriving and the sacks being offloaded into the massive recycling machine. After that of course, you have your CID. Contact Ministry of Shred for secure disposal of home office documents. You will be protecting your clients and yourself.

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