Shredding Company in Hyde, Professional Shredding Service at an Affordable Price

Shredding Company in HydeA professional shredding company in Hyde will help you keep your business, your clients’ and yourself safe from potential ID theft. It is a sad fact that up to 100 000 people were victims of identity theft during the last year. You can play your part in ensuring this does not happen to you. As a business owner, regardless of where you operate your business, you have a responsibility to your clients in that you need to ensure that their personal information is safe. Possibly the most effective way to ensure this is to dispose of documents and notices that are no longer necessary in a responsible manner.

For business owners in Hyde, a shredding company is an excellent way to ensure your clients’ sensitive information remains secure. Most people toss unwanted or unused documents in the rubbish bin, without a thought for the consequences. Unscrupulous criminals can and will dig through your rubbish bin and use the pertinent information found on discarded, untorn documents.  When you use our services, you can rest assured that all your sensitive data is thoroughly and completed destroyed. On top of that, all the scrap paper generated is recycled and re-used to produce new paper products. It is as easy as ordering your shred sack online from us. The shred sack is then used to hold all the unwanted paper you generate. Once it is full, seal it with the id tag and one of our drivers will collect it from you.

A shredding company in Hyde knows the importance of client confidentiality. All our staff are security screened, and when they collect your shred sack from you, they will show their proof of identity. The shred sack is then taken to our secure facility where it is shredded, bag and all, in our industrial-sized shredding machine. For more details about our shredding company, contact Ministry of Shred. Your documents are shredded to the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713. This is evidence that our management, control of collection, transportation and destruction of confidential material is within their strict guidelines. On completion, a certificate of destruction will be emailed to you as proof that your sensitive documents have been correctly and ethically destroyed.

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