Home Office Security in Altrincham

home office security in AltrinchamHave you given any thought to your home office security in Altrincham? It’s great to set up an office in an unused bedroom and work from home. However, if you are making a living working from home, then money is changing hands. You may never see your client’s bank account number but you may receive cheques or correspondence with their personal information. Keeping a hard copy is important even if you store your business files in the cloud. It’s a good idea to dispose of the old files after a year or two and just maintain a database of customer contacts. You could just toss them out with your household trash but that would be careless. You are bound to protect their personal information.

The ideal solution for home businesses is Ministry of Shred. For all home-based businesses in Altrincham, home office security is as simple as ordering a special shred sack from Ministry of Shred. The sack is delivered to your door along with a specific identification number. When you are ready to dispose of paper files containing sensitive information, fill the sack, seal it up and call us for pick up. A uniformed staff member will arrive to retrieve the shred sack and record your security number. The sacks themselves are recyclable so there is no need to open the sack to deposit the contents when it arrives at our recycling centre. You will receive a certificate of destruction as proof you have disposed of sensitive information according to British Security Standards.

When you use home office security in Altrincham provided by Ministry of Shred, your documents are safe throughout the transition. Once you hand the sealed bag to our driver, there is a record of the pickup and your identifying number; the truck is equipped with a tracking device so we have a record of its whereabouts at all times. Once the truck arrives at our recycling facility the truck is backed up to the shredder so the bag can be deposited without being handled by anyone. Contact Ministry of Shred for more information. You can order 1 sack, a pack of 3 or pack of 5 depending on your needs. Each sack is 20 kg. Let your clients and customers know you are keeping their information secure.

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