Paper Shredder Service in Stockport

Paper Shredder Service in StockportAre you searching for a reliable paper shredder service in Stockport? Most people simply toss out old and used papers into the garbage without giving it a second glance. It might contain sensitive information such as your credit card number, address, telephone number or some other identifying information. This can get into the wrong hands such as those of confidence artists and hucksters. These people sort through trash to obtain your personal information. Once found they can commit all sorts of crimes such as identity theft, fraud, and illegal purchases. This can damage your credit score, your reputation with banks and lenders and not to mention leave you feeling vulnerable. Stop such fraudsters in their path by opting for a paper shredder service.

If your business is located in Stockport, a paper shredder service is offered by Ministry of Shred. We are proud to offer a streamlined process that involves collecting your confidential papers, shredding them and recycling them into various paper products. Our services help to save many trees every year. For instance, did you know that by recycling just one ton of paper per year, you’re saving two tons of wood. To protect yourself, your employees and the environment, take advantage of our paper shredder service. Simply visit our site and choose the security sack of your choice. After your order is placed, we will mail out your security sack with the tag. Fill this sack up to the level line. Seal the bag securely with the tag provided. Give us a call and we will pick up your sealed sacks. Our staff will be in uniform with their appropriate identity tags.  After confirming your tag’s code, they will collect your sacks and drop them off in the shredder without ever opening your bags. During the journey to the shredder, you can monitor the vehicle’s movement. Once the truck arrives at our facility, they will back into the facility and the truck will automatically dump your sack into the shredder. After your documents are shredded, you will be sent a Certificate of Destruction.

If you have a lot of waste paper that you’d like to throw out, consider using a paper shredder service in Stockport. Give Ministry of Shred a call today. Using a professional paper shredder service is the best way to get rid of your papers.

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