Secure Shredding in Cheadle

Secure Shredding in CheadleSecure shredding in Cheadle is vital to protect your information from identity theft. Everyone needs to protect information. Businesses are governed by data protection regulations that require companies to protect its customers’ information. As an individual you need to protect your own personal information and prevent it getting into the hands of criminals. Once a criminal has your information there are countless crimes that can be committed. The common types of fraud that are committed once a criminal has stolen your identity include credit card fraud, tax rebate fraud, benefit fraud and telecommunications fraud. A fraudster can, in fact, commit a vast array of crimes once they have your identity. Illegally entering other countries, smuggling drugs, laundering money are just a few examples. Over 100 000 people have their identity stolen every year. This is not a far-fetched crime that will never happen to you. Everyone is at risk of identity theft and it is important to take measures to protect yours. One of the simplest things you can do is to shred all documents, bills, and personal paperwork before disposal.

If you are looking for an easy solution in Cheadle, secure shredding is provided by Ministry of Shred. You simply purchase the appropriate size security sack online and the sack and a security tag are sent to you. You fill the sack to the line indicated and seal it with the security tag. You book a collection and a screened driver will arrive to collect at the time you requested. Your security tag allows the tracking of your sack from your home to the shredding facility, where it is destroyed. Your sack is never even opened. You will receive an email once your sack has been shredded, confirming it has been destroyed.

Ministry of Shred provides secure shredding in Cheadle for individuals, and their home offices. Contact Ministry of Shred today to discuss your requirements for secure shredding. When you use their shredding services you will have peace of mind that all the paperwork you throw away has been properly destroyed. It is an inexpensive and efficient way of securing your information.

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