Confidential Shredding in Sale Moor

confidential shredding in Sale MoorUse confidential shredding in Sale Moor and don’t become a victim of ID fraud. Last year, over 100 000 people were victims of identity fraud. Identity fraud is simply, the theft of your identity. Unscrupulous thieves steal personal documents containing your information and use them for their own monetary gain. What a shock it would be to receive a hefty bill in the post for items you have supposedly bought! Or if your bank manager phones with the bad news that you have extended your credit limit. These awful scenarios can be avoided if you make use of a professional shredding company to ensure that your sensitive information is never left lying around in the trash for those hoping to find information to use.

For businesses and homes in Sale Moor, confidential shredding is a means of ensuring no-one has access to your old unused documents. If you work from home, it is likely that you have heaps of scrap paper waiting for disposal. Typically one would just tear the document in two and toss it in the garbage. A far more secure solution would be to use the services of Ministry of Shred. They will collect your unwanted documents and papers from your home and ensure that they are securely shredded at their shredding facility. Make use of their shred sacks, which come with a unique identity tag. When these are full, a uniformed and identified driver will collect the sealed shred sack from your front door, at a time that is convenient to you. The sack is then transported to the shredding facility and shredded, bag and all, in the shredder. You will also receive a certificate of destruction to confirm that the documents have been legally and securely shredded.

Confidential shredding in Sale Moor will bring peace of mind. If you are interested in more details concerning confidential shredding, do contact Ministry of Shred. If you are concerned about recycling, Ministry of Shred ensures that all the shredded documents are recycled into reusable paper products. It is a win win situation.

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