Home Office Security in Lymm

home office security in LymmThere is nothing more important than home office security in Lymm. Being at home, it’s easy to overlook the fact that you may have documents with important, confidential information, and there is a risk that you might get rid of this documentation in an improper way. Leaked confidential information can do everything from small to tremendous damage, which is why it’s very important to have a secure way of discarding and destroying this information. This is where Ministry of Shred comes in, a confidential document shredding specialist.

In Lymm, home office security could not be easier, thanks to Ministry of Shred. It all starts with an online order and a payment through PayPal. You will then be sent a security bag and a tag. Once you’ve filled the bag to the level line, and secured it, you will book online, or call the company and discuss the conditions of the collection or delivery. If you choose to have your documents collected, one of their driver’s will show up at your property with proof of identity, and confirm the security tag code that came with your sack.

The next step in the process of ensuring home office security in Lymm is the destruction of the documentation. The Ministry of Shred’s vehicles are GPS tracked, which enables the company to ensure complete safety on the road back to its shredding facility. Speaking of which, the shredding facility is designed so that the company’s trucks can back up straight into the processing plant. On arrival, your order is checked and the documentation is shredded without anyone opening the sack. Once the documentation has been destroyed, you will receive a certificate of destruction by email. The Ministry of Shred destroys documents in accordance with the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713. If you need more information about home office security, contact the Ministry of Shred today

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