Confidential Shredding in Cheadle Eliminates Identity Theft

Confidential Shredding in Cheadle Eliminates Identity TheftConfidential shredding in Cheadle is vital if you don’t want your private correspondence, sensitive documents and regular accounts and statements falling into the wrong hands. So many people haven’t bothered to destroy their documents and have had their lives irrevocably turned into a living nightmare from identity theft. The Ministry of Shred can remove this horror from you by making sure your documents are shredded 100%. By simply ordering one of the security sacks online, you’ll receive your sack and tag. Keep it with you and put all the used papers you’re done with in the sack and seal the bag with the tag you’re provided with.

In Cheadle, confidential shredding isn’t done in half measures. Ministry of Shred are about competence and their sacks are designed in such a way that the bag is never opened once you have sealed it. All the contents are shredded, as well as the bag, so that no-one ever gets to see the contents. The team who arrives at your address has been security screened according to British Standards and they will also show their proof of identity. Their security collection trucks are marked and identifiable. They also come with tracking and are monitored all the way back to their security shredding facility. Everything is handled quickly, smoothly and confidentially.

Confidential shredding in Cheadle gives you peace of mind that nothing is left to prying eyes. Once your sack arrives at the shredding facility. Your sack isn’t unloaded in the street so that someone can creep up and grab it; it is unloaded inside the building, with the sack never being opened. Ensuring that the collection, transportation and destruction of confidential documents conforms to the strictest guidelines, you can be absolutely confident that your name is never going to fall into the hands of ruthless and relentless fraudsters. For thorough confidential shredding, contact The Ministry of Shred.

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