Home Shredding Trafford

Home Shredding Trafford

If you require the very best in Home Shredding Trafford, contact the experts at Ministry Of Shred; Protecting the home office through a secure and comprehensive shredding service for those who work from home. With ID fraud costing the economy some £3 billion every year it is imperative you consider carefully when you need to clear out unwanted documents from your home, with over 100,000 people a year ‘victims’ of having their sensitive information fall into the wrong hands!

Whether in Trafford for home shredding, its is not merely a case of disposing your information in your bins; neither can you effectively utilise a home shredder to destroy your documents as they do not have the capacity to ‘shred’ in a time or a cost effective manner. With everyone having to adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998-regarding personal information and complying with the data protection principles-Ministry Of Shred are the perfect solution for your home shredding needs.

With a home shredding Trafford project, it really couldn’t be any easier. Whether its a regular service you require or just a one off, we can tailor a solution that is cost effective for you and your business. From simply ordering online the recommended number of security sacks you require-which you fill-you can then book online or call for a suitable pick up of your sacks. We will transport your secure sack to our security shredding facility to be destroyed in our high capacity shredders; with a shredded certificate emailed to you for confirmation purposes. Simple but very effective!




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